The Ministers of the Church are its Members

Assisting them are:

    • Pastor --- Pat Allin

    • Secretary --- Angie Funneman

    • Organist and Director of Adult Music --- Diane Snyder

    • Iona VanFleet --- Minister of Membership Care

    • Custodian --- Sheryl and Brian Sparrgrove

Staff, First United Methodist Church, Moweaqua, IL

Stained Glass Window First United Methodist Church Moweaqua IL

All God's People in
All Places,
And in
All times,
Are Called to Love,
And to Serve...

First United Methodist Church Moweaqua IL
First United Methodist Church
222 North Hanover St.
Moweaqua, IL 62550-1160

Rev. Pat Allin
Church Office 217-768-4860
Pastors Office 217-768-3636
Office Hours:
8am - 12pm Monday - Friday