Covenant Groups

Covenant Groups First United Methodist Church Moweaqua IL What a wonderful response we have had over the years to the covenant groups. Everyone is welcome and invited to be in a covenant group. They are small groups of people who meet together in order that they may find a closer relationship with God, and to share that relationship and journey with others who listen with them and relate their own experiences.

The Covenant group watches for Christ's activities and restraints in their daily lives. In community they are called to love people just as they are with their wounds and their gifts. Each covenant member is sensitive to the unique way that God acts in the lives of other people. The covenant group practices spiritual disciplines, scripture and prayer as they share together in their journey of faith.

Questions that help individuals focus on their faith sharing are:
    • What is God saying to me today?
    • What happened today that stirred something in me?
           How did it impact my life?
    • What gets in the way of my responding to God?

Do you feel like you are so busy that you don't seem to be able to stop and enjoy your life and your family? Join one of these groups! After a few meeting you will begin to enjoy each day to it's fullest. Please call today and reserve your spot, you won't regret it. Please contact Pastor at 768-3636 or the church office 768-4860 if you have any questions or would like to join the next covenant group.

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